Five SEO Tips For A WordPress Website

What if your WordPress website is not optimized for any search engine, no matter whether it has a vibrant, feature-rich, and visually stimulating design? Of course, it is of no value at all. As a web design company, you should know that search engines do not really care about the design of a website with high-definition and attractive images. In fact, search engines emphasize on the quality content, good URL structure, keywords, alt tags, and so on. As you know WordPress is an easy CMS platform that gives you an option to configure all the aspects of a website easily and quickly.
If a WordPress website with a perfect design and features along with the search engine’s aspects, then it will be going to rank higher. A WordPress website should have relevant keywords, a clear sitemap, and quality content, increasing the chances of ranking higher in search engines. So, it is important to avoid duplicate content, broken links, and non-responsive web design that may lower the rankings. Getting the WordPress setup robust to make it simple for bots to crawl via webpages and get too much business.

Methods to follow

Check out some SEO tips for WordPress that can accelerate your SERP rankings:

  • Use Yoast SEO Plugin

With this plugin, you can build an optimized website. Moreover, it will also highlight problems along with suggestions to resolve them. Using this plugin will also support you in getting better control over the method of displaying the links. It can analyze content’s structure by highlighting long sentences and paragraphs, reduced word transition, etc. it also checks keyword density and you will get suggestions to boost or reduce it.
With it, you can also create a Meta description on your own while detecting if it is optimized based on Google algorithms. Its paid version can make you stress-free about the page redirection after deleting it.

  • Include well-structured permalinks

WordPress generates permalinks automatically, which are the URLs to get the link or path to the posts and web pages. The default permalink is numeric, which does not look clear or give useful info to search engines. For that reason, use long-tail keywords in the permalinks that make your SERPs higher. When you make changes in the structure of the permalink, then it will impact SERPs rankings positively.

  • Focus on quality content with ideal optimization

Using relevant and high-quality content on the WordPress website will save you from Google penalties because of plagiarized or bad content. Ensure to include high-quality content, which should be unique, credible, error-free, informative, and useful. With quality content, it would be an important thing to pay equal attention to content optimization too. And for that reason, remember to put Meta tags, keywords, and Meta descriptions, which are crucial aspects of content optimization.

  • Target site speed

Google suggests to make the site speed increased i.e. a site should open in 5 seconds or below, as the average site speed is 8.66 seconds. If your WordPress site has increased speed, then it will put your site ahead of competitors. To increase the speed of your website, do not include heavy images and external media.

  • Repair broken links daily

Is it very annoying to see broken links in your WordPress site that gives errors like page not found, 404 and HTTP? You need to remove these broken links and fix them. Broken links make your visitors go away and lessen SEO rankings. Hence, try to resolve them as soon as possible.
Do not forget to use these SEO tips to make your WordPress site go higher in search engines.

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